Why go for Led Lights despite a higher initial cost?

Planning to install lightening in your new house? Or simply redoing your lightening system? In either case, you shouldn’t go for the conventional halogen bulbs that are one significant reason behind the high electricity bill that you receive every month! Did you think there’s no escape to that heavy bill? Fortunately, there is. Highly efficient and durable cree led lights are the solution to your problem. Switch to the led lights and pure sine wave inverter and get yourself entitled to a number of benefits that come along this improved lightening technology.  

Led lights are significant improvement of this era and the increasing number of people switching to this lightening, speaks volumes. If you aren’t sure about switching to cree led lights then the following benefits will definitely force you to reconsider your thoughts. 


This is the first and foremost reason to go for led lights instead of conventional halogen light bulbs. Led light bulbs are far more efficient than halogen bulbs and this is mainly because, led lights utilize about 85% of the energy being consumed. On the other hand, halogen bulbs waste a significant portion of the consumed energy in heating. Only about 10% of the energy supplied is actually turned to light. When you’re installing a light bulb, we’re guessing you’re doing that to have a brighter room, not a hotter room. So, an led light helps you achieve that by utilizing the major portion of electricity for production of light. On the contrary, a halogen bulb would be wasting a major potion of electricity into heat energy. This makes led lights far more efficient than halogen lightening bulbs.  

Low maintenance 

Do you want to replace your lightening bulbs every other week? This sounds like an exhaustive task but it’s much more than that. You could be wasting a lot of money by replacing your halogen bulbs every other week, depending on the quality of the bulb. Why not go for cree led lights that will last 10 times longer than your average halogen bulbs? Afraid of the higher cost? Think of it as one-time investment that not only saves you from the frequent expense of replacing bulbs, but also, you wouldn’t need to spend your time and energy changing bulbs all the time. This is especially an advantage for places that are relatively harder to reach. For those places specially, it seems fairly obvious choice to get led bulbs that will sustain longer. So, led bulbs not only save you time and energy, but also a considerable amount that you would otherwise spend on frequent replacing of halogen bulbs.  


Since led bulbs do not have filaments or glass structure, they prove to be more durable than the conventional halogen light bulbs. Led lights can withstand vibrations and can be installed in places where a conventional bulb is at risk of breakage. Led lights also do not emit any heat, which increases the number of places where led lights can be installed. Conventional bulbs produce substantial heating effect so when installing those bulbs, the temperature-sensitivity of the place needs to be considered.  

What further makes led bulbs durable is their size. Conventional bulbs are hard to be installed in small hard-to-reach places. On the other hand, led lights can be installed in small places, because of their compact build. Led lights can be installed in small compact areas easily, without the risk of breakage. Plus, led bulbs won’t require frequent replacement.  

Instant on/off 

Unlike fluorescent or halogen bulbs, led lights turn on instantly, at their full brightness. Led lights do not need a specific amount of time to reach their full brightness level, as is the case of halogen bulbs. This increases the applications of led lights as because they can be switched on instantly, they are ideal for different sign-lights and other commercial lightening.  


Innumerous appliances today are causing a negative effect on our environment and it’s absolutely not necessary that our lightening affects our environment negatively as well. Gone are the days when there wasn’t much choice in the case of lightening. Today, led lights are considered to be environment friendly so you not only get better lightening, but also without harming the environment. This is because, unlike halogen bulbs, led lights do not produce any harmful gases, making these lights perfectly safe for our environment.